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Patrick Pouyannе́

CEO, Total

The situation is not simple, and it will be a ‘stress test’ for all of us.

The recent fall in oil prices is among the phenomena that none of the most experienced analysts has expected. Total is however a financially strong company, and I am sure we will be able to overcome obstacles. I do not know and I will not venture to make too accurate predictions, which reality could soon deny. The duty of a good manager is to improve business performance to withstand all scenarios.

I think, in such a complex diplomatic context, companies such as Total must continue to adhere to their long-term strategy. We certainly have to obey the international sanctions, but it doesn't oblige us to limit our activities beyond what is provided by them. The best strategy for the business, including promoting the establishment of political relations, is to save the economic relations with Russia, not be afraid of it. Sometimes it's difficult, but our job is to find such solutions.