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Yandex sponsors Turkish soccer club

Successful promotion is likely to be supportive for the Yandex investment case: JPMorgan.

Yandex, a leading Russian Internet search engine, and Turkish Super League team Fenerbahçe have signed sponsorship deal in August, 2015. The one-year deal will see the Istanbul club carry the Yandex logo on the front of its playing shirts during domestic competition. Yandex, while chosen over Google by 64% of users in a blind-by-side test, so far is probably only well known for mobile apps including Yandex.Taxi, mostly with urbanites. The current market share in Turkey is 5%. Teamed up with Fenerbahce, the Yandexs expets to raise it up to 7-8%. Yandex will try to gain market share from rival Google, the marketing drive in Turkey will weigh on profitability.