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Russia to build world's first floating nuclear power plant

The floating atomic power station will provide energy through a cable to any Arctic city.

After decades of planning and delays, Russia will have the world's first floating nuclear power station ready in 2016.The floating nuclear power is basically an atomic reactor that can be docked to coastal infrastructure and will supply Arctic with power. Russia is eager to develop its Arctic territories, which are believed to contain immense and nearly untapped stockpiles of natural resources. The construction of the floating atomic power station, commissioned by Rosatom, is almost completed at the Baltic Shipyard in St Petersburg. The floating power station, which can generate a maximum of 70 megawatts of power, was supposed to dock in the far eastern region of Kamchatka in 2017.

The floating reactors will be used to power port cities, industrial infrastructure, and oil and gas drilling rigs and refineries, which, according to Rogozin, will prove a great asset in Arctic exploration. Russian atomic agency Rosatom says 15 countries, including China, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Argentina, have shown interest in hiring such power plants for their own projects.