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Counter-terrorism: Russian superfast facial recognition system ready

Russian IT company Octys successfully tested a brand-new face recognition and surveillance system to prevent terrorist attacks, called "Falcon".

"Falcon’s" eye can instantly identify terrorist in a crowd. Equipped with video cameras and unique software, the system performs real-time identification of faces in the crowd with the databases provided by police, the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Interpol and any other security agencies, and detects the suspicious or dangerous person. The system is able to prevent terrorist attacks, as well as monitor sport fans. "Falcon" is able to recognize faces at a distance of 2 to 140 meters in 0.1 seconds. The accuracy and reliability of the person identification is 96%. The system recognizes the faces even with partial masking appearance (hat, hair, mustache, beard, glasses, scarf, etc).

The facial recognition will be used in everyday policing to prevent terrorist attacks, maintain security during mass sporting, cultural and public events. Currently, negotiations are underway for installing the system in airports, stadiums in Russia.